Visitor Insurance USA: Health Insurance for Visitors to USA from India

Visitor Insurance for USA tourists & parents visiting from India

Obtain the best 'peace of mind' & 'access to US medical care' for parents and travelers visiting USA.

Visitor Insurance Quotes

Visitors Health Insurance

  • Can cover Hospital, Doctor, Prescription expenses.
  • Direct cash-less settlement of claims possible (hospitals can bill insurance company directly)
  • Visitor Insurance Customer Service & Claims Department located in USA
  • No medical exam required for visitors insurance enrollment

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  • To Charge NO FEES

Visitors Health Insurance for USA Travelers: Features

Visitors Health Insurance plans for US visitors & travelers are designed to primarily cover medical expenses while visiting USA from foreign countries (ie. India, China, Vietnam etc.). Hospital expenses arising out of sickness, injury or an accident in USA can quickly get out of control because of high costs of US medical & healthcare.

Visitors medical insurance (another name for visitor health insurance plans) can protect the insured from the risk of unforeseen medical expenses during a US trip or overseas travel to a foreign country. We provide a variety of plans ranging from the basic to the most comprehensive coverage. The cost of the plan will depend on the applicant's age, type of coverage (basic or comprehensive), the amount of coverage (ranging from $25,000 to $50,000) and a few other factors.

Visitor Medical Insurance Articles & Tips

Coverage - Best Practice

Years of experience and servicing clients in the travelers insurance industry has confirmed a common-sense – when you are in the US be an American, be protected under a US visitor insurance plan. Foreign insurance plans are frowned up on by US hospitals and doctors; all plan grievances have to be addressed in foreign courts; and claims & customer service for these non-US plans are provided from a foreign country. It follows that upper management of these insurance companies are based overseas. Neither you nor the US hospital/doctor would find it convenient to contact a location abroad...

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According to a recent estimate, over one million people die from mosquito borne diseases every year and over 300 to 500 million cases are still reported annually in the world. If you are planning international travel, you need to ensure that you stay healthy to enjoy your vacation. Nothing beats the thrill of exploring new places and discovering new cultures, but you should remember that there is also a downside to travel. Visiting a foreign country also means getting yourself exposed to diseases that you would not find in your own country. ...