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Coverage for Hospital, Doctor & Medicine bills during Travel

Tourist Medical Insurance

  • Can cover Hospital, Doctor, Prescription expenses.
  • Direct cash-less settlement of claims possible (hospitals can bill insurance company directly)
  • Customer Service & Claims Department located in USA
  • Some plans offer PPO discount within plan network

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Medical Insurance for Visitors to USA: Review Benefits

Policies are designed to primarily cover medical expenses while visiting USA or traveling overseas. Non-US citizens seeking protection in USA or US citizens seeking coverage outside of USA are eligible for these plans. Hospital expenses arising from sicknesses and injuries (sustained in an accident) can be quite high while traveling in a foreign country. A visitor medical insurance policy can address this risk at reasonable premiums.

Visitors medical insurance plans can cover expenses for hospital stay, doctor visit, medicines, ambulance, repatriation. We provide a variety of plans ranging from the basic to the most comprehensive coverage. The cost of the plan will depend on your age, type of coverage (basic or comprehensive), the amount of coverage (ranging from $25,000 to $50,000) and a few other factors.

Call us at 877-593-5403 (USA toll free) or email us with visitors insurance questions. We focus on providing prompt professional service and the best portfolio in the industry.

Visitor Medical Insurance Articles & Tips

Visa Extension & Insurance Renewal

Many travelers on long trips outside the home country are not always sure about the return date. US tourists on B1 visa are usually permited a 6 month stay. Form I94 for each US entrant is stamped at the port of entry with the end date for the visit. It follows that visitors should depart the US within this specified date. Some visitors enjoy the time in the US with their extended family so much that they would like to extend their stay. It is quite a simple process to write and file form I-539 with USCIS and extend the stay beyond the end date stamped on the I94. Renewing your visitor medical coverage to accommodate the new return date is quite simple. Most of the plans we offer permit you to extend the coverage up to 1 year. These policies have a daily rate and you can pick an end date to coincide with the date of arriving in the home country...

FCO Advice for Travel to Indonesia

The UKs Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued new advice regarding tourist and business travel to Indonesia. While the FCO stresses that most visits to the country are problem-free, it does advise visitors to follow certain advice, which applies to all travelers and not only those from the UK. ...