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Visitor Insurance for USA Tourists & Parents Visiting from India

Obtain the best ‘peace of mind’ & ‘access to US medical care’ for parents and travelers visiting USA.


Can cover Hospital, Doctor, Prescription expenses.
Direct cash-less settlement of claims possible
(hospitals can bill insurance company directly)
Visitor Insurance Customer Service &
Claims Department located in USA
No medical exam required for
visitors insurance enrollment


To Be Your Advocate
To Have the Best Prices
To offer the Largest Selection
To offer only trusted US plans
To Charge NO FEES


Prompt Claims Settlement
Things that stood out with our experience – prompt customer service, large product portfolio & problem free claims payment.
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We were presented a Leadership Award for “Excellence in International Healthcare” at the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress. The company’s innovative use of technology and contributions to advancements to the global and international benefits industry were recognized. The company’s wide portfolio along with the exemplary service offered by its experienced insurance professionals, have contributed to its leadership position. We thank our clients for their continued support, the carriers for their assistance and our team members who always strive for excellence!


Visitors Health Insurance for USA Travelers

Visitors Health Insurance for USA Travelers: Features Visitors Health Insurance plans for US visitors & travelers are designed to primarily cover medical expenses while visiting USA from foreign countries (ie. India, China, Vietnam etc.). Hospital expenses arising out of sickness, injury or an accident in USA can quickly get out of control because of high costs of US medical & healthcare.

Visitors medical insurance (another name for visitor health insurance plans) can protect the insured from the risk of unforeseen medical expenses during a US trip or overseas travel to a foreign country. We provide a variety of plans ranging from the basic to the most comprehensive coverage. The cost of the plan will depend on the applicant’s age, type of coverage (basic or comprehensive), the amount of coverage (ranging from $25,000 to $50,000) and a few other factors.


Visitor Medical Insurance

Coverage – Best Practice Years of providing service to clients in the travelers insurance industry has resulted in the following recommendations – when you are in the US be like an American, be protected by a US health insurance plan. When in America buy an American product that is geared for the US healthcare system.

Foreign insurance plans are frowned up on by US hospitals and doctors. The claims service/settlement for these foreign plans is provided by a non-US company or it is simply out-sourced to an outfit that reportedly operates in the US.

Last but not least these foreign plans require the applicants and hospitals to raise all plan grievances in foreign courts. All enforcements and settlement of disputes will be in the courts overseas where the insurance company is registered and… READ MORE »



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