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Atlas Group Insurance

Comprehensive coverage for 5 or more members of a group.

Atlas Group Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for groups with 5 or more members outside their home country. Altas America Group plan is ideal if the trip includes the US (only available if US is not the home country). Altas International Group plan offers coverage worldwide except the US and the home country. The Atlas Group plan offers coverage for medical expenses, medical evacuation, repatriation and lost luggage. Tourist groups, missionaries, visitors can avail of this group coverage.

    Atlas Group Insurance plan is an affordable comprehensive plan for tourists, student groups, missionary organizations and corporations travelling internationally. The plan is available for groups of atleast 5 members. Medical benefits include doctor visits, hospitalization, surgery,medical tests and prescription drugs for covered illnesses and injuries. The plan offers a choice of Maximum coverage per person anding from $50,000 to $1 Million. For members between age 70-79 maximum coverage is $50,000 and for over 80 the maximum coverage is $10,000. The same deductible will apply to each member and can range from $0 to $2500.

    Plan Detail

    Atlas Group Insurance Plan includes benefits in case of natural disasters and Acts of Terrorism. Incidental trips to the home country are covered. State of the art travel and emergency medical assistance services are included in every plan. Members can purchase optional end of trip home country coverage.

    Plan Detail

    Atlas Group Insurance Plan is administered by Multi National Underwriters

    Atlas Group Insurance is underwritten by Lloyds of London

    Atlas Group Insurance follows FirstHealth within the US and Outside the US.

    Atlas Group Insurance Underwriter Llyods is rated A “Excellent” by AM Best

    Plan offers coverage for injuries and sicknesses during the trip
    Optional additional coverage can be purchased to cover hazardous sports
    Coverage is available for terrorist attacks and natural disasters
    Complications due to pregnancy can be covered up to week 26
    For every 3 months of continuous coverage the member can receive 15 days of coverage in the home country for incidental trips.

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    Atlas Group Insurance plan cannot be renewed. You can purchase a new certificate if you need additional coverage.

    Atlas Group Insurance Brochure and Application can be downloaded here

    Atlas Group Insurance Claims can be submitted by completing and sending the claim form along with itemized bills.

    Atlas Group Insurance can be cancelled with a full refund if a written cancellation request is received prior to the start of the plan. Pro-rated refunds are available after the start date with a $25 cancellation fee provided no claims have been filed.

    • Hospital expense: Covered up to policy maximum
    • Intensive Care: up to policy maximum
    • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation