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Atlas International Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance for US Citizen travelling outside the United States. 877.593.5403

Atlas International Insurance is ideal for US Citizens travelling outside the United States. Atlas International Insurance provides comprehensive insurance coverage for Injury or illness Medical, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Assistance coverage outside the United States. Atlas International Insurance provides coverage for international travellers including complication of pregnancy, incidental trips home and coverage for Acts of Terrorism.

    Atlas International provides insurance coverage for injury and illness Medical, coverage for Incidental Trips Home, Acts of terrorism, Trip Interruption, Complications of pregnancy and state of art travel and emergency medical assistance services.

    Plan Detail

    Atlas International provides Medical coverage, Emergency Dental, coverage for Acute Onset of a pre-existing condition,Treatment of complications for the first 26 weeks of pregnancy, AD &D, Trip Interruption, Lost Checked luggage, Repatriation and optional Hazardous Sports Rider.

    Plan Detail

    Atlas International Insurance is administrated by Multinational Underwriters.

    Atlas International Insurance is underwritten by Llyod’s of London, member of Lloyd’s Group of companies.

    Doctors and hospitals in the plan network can be located at FirstHealth.

    Atlas International Underwriter is rated A+ “Excellent” by the A.M. Best Company.

    Atlas International Insurance covers international travellers who travel outside the U.S. for pleasure, business or study and is available for up to 364 days.

    Atlas International provides Trip Interruption protection. If after you have departed, you learn of the death of a parent, spouse, sibling or child or you learn of the substantial destruction of your principal Residence by fire or weather, Atlas International Insurance will provide you the cost of an economy one-way air and/or ground transportation ticket for you to the area of your Principal Residence.

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    Extension and Renewals for Atlas International Insurance must be made online before the policy expires, for a $5 fee per renewal. You may extend your coverage (5 day minimum) up to a maximum of 364 days. Policies of 5 or more days are eligible for renewal. Non-US citizens traveling outside USA, can renew for up to 3yrs. US citizens can renew for up to 364 days.

    Atlas International Insurance brochure and application can be downloaded here.

    Atlas International Insurance claims can be submitted by completing and sending the claim form along with the itemized bills.

    Atlas International Insurance, can be cancelled with a written notice before the start date for a full refund; If after the effective date, cancellations will be granted for the unused portion of the plan cost with a $25 fee if no claims have been submitted.

    • Hospital Expense Coverage Limit: Up to policy maximum.
    • Intensive Care Expense Coverage Limit: Up to policy maximum.
    • Outpatient Doctor Office Coverage Limit: Up to policy maximum.
    • Pre-existing condition coverage Limit: If you are a US Citizen under the age of 70, with the Atlas International plan you are covered for an Acute Onset of a Pre-existing Condition up to US$50,000 for maximum limit of $50,000 and upto US$100,000 for other maximum limits for Eligible Medical Expenses and US $500,000 for Emergency Medical Evacuation.