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Visitors insurance coverage

Insurance coverage for visitors offers benefits related to treatment of new injuries and sicknesses.



Visitor Insurance Coverage

» Claims settled without having to pay cash, as insurance company may be billed directly.
» Expenses for Doctors, surgeries, ICU and Hospital covered.
» Personnel for Claims and Customer Service located in USA.
» Visitor insurance coverage possible without having to undergo a medical exam.

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Insurance Coverage for Visitors

Visitor insurance coverage covers hospital expenses, intensive care, surgery and prescription drugs related to sicknesses, infections and accidental injuries. Please fill in the details below and click on the get quote button to get a free quote. Insurance coverage for visitors protects visitors from the sudden and unexpected medical event, the treatment of which might lead to high bills. The plans are underwritten by many leading US companies.

Coverage for visitors is available for ages 14 days and above. Coverage for visitors is available for US as well as non US citizens seeking coverage while traveling outside the country of citizenship or home country. The length of coverage can be for 5 days up to 3 years, depending on the length of the trip.

Plans offering visitors insurance coverage are of two types. The fixed benefit plans are affordable and offer basic benefits, with sublimits. Comprehensive plans typically have no sublimits and so provide more protection. Some plans have a network of preferred providers, which might offer a discount. While other plans allow the insured to seek treatment from a doctor or hospital of their choice.


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