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Visitors Health Insurance for Tourists to USA: Compare Plans

Policies cover unexpected medical expenses during US visits or travel overseas.



Tourist Health Coverage

» Can cover Hospital, Doctor, Prescription expenses.
» Direct cash-less settlement of claims possible (hospitals can bill insurance company directly)
» Customer Service & Claims Department located in USA
» No medical exam required for enrollment

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Health Insurance for Visitors to USA: Plan Benefits

These policies are designed to specifically cover unexpected medical expenses as a result of sudden accidents, mishaps, and sicknesses. They can cover for expenses arising from hospitalization, doctor office visits and prescription drugs. Travelers from various countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, Sri Lanka & Vietnam have availed of the plan benefits & protected themselves from medical bills.

Customer experience with our plans has been good because the plans are serviced and claims are administered in USA. So, there is no need for either the insured or the healthcare provider (i.e. doctor or hospital) to ever call an overseas number in a foreign country. Policies are underwritten by insurance companies with sound financial strength (rated A or better by AM Best Rating Company). Most of the health insurance plans for visitors that are offered on this website feature direct claims settlement (or cashless settlement). In other words the policy claims department can pay off the service provider (hospital or doctor) directly and you will not be required to come up with a huge sum of money to pay the provider and then file for re-imbursement with the insurance company.

There are two types of visitor health insurance plans – fixed benefits (or limited benefits) and comprehensive coverage. The fixed benefits plans are cheap and provide a reasonable degree of coverage; they are characterized by various intermediate coverage limits for hospital stay (i.e. $1,400 per day), doctor visit (i.e. $55 per visit) etc. The comprehensive visitor healthcare plans, in contrast to the fixed benefits plans, offer a higher degree of coverage.


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