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Insurance for Visitors from India

India visitors insurance covers accidental and illness medical costs.



Visitors Insurance India

» Expenses related to Surgery, doctor office, hospitalization covered.
» No medical exam required for insurance enrollment
» Visitor Insurance Customer Service & Claims Department situated in USA
» Direct settlement of claims possible (hospitals can bill insurance company directly)

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India Visitor Insurance

Insurance for an Indian visitor can provide coverage for medical expenses including hospital expenses, intensive care, surgery as well as prescription drugs. This insurance also includes benefits such as Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Repatriation of remains etc.

Indian visitor insurance provides coverage while travelling out side the country of citizenship or home country. After purchase the insurance documents including the ID Card, Certificate wordings as well as Toll Free numbers for emergencies can be provided by email in addition to being available for download.

Insurance for visitors to or from India can be bought before or after the travel has begun. It can bought for a period from 5 days to a period of three years.


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