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Patriot America Plus Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance for non US Citizen Travelers outside their country of citizenship.

Patriot America Plus Insurance is for non US citizens traveling outside their country of citizenship. Coverage is available from 5 days to up to 2 years. Coverage can begin next day. No medical tests or physical exam necessary.

    Patriot America Plus Insurance provides coverage for Accident and Sickness related doctor visits, diagnostics, hospitalization and prescriptions. The plan also offers Accidental Death, Trip Interruption and Terrorism Coverage benefits. In addition the plan offers Evacuation and Repatriation benefits.

    Patriot America Plus Health Insurance insurance offers comprehensive coverage. Plan offers incidental home country coverage. Optional End of Trip Coverage, Extreme Sports Rider, enhanced ADD coverage is available. Several benefit options from $50K to $500000 are available. Benefits are per life of plan.

    Patriot America Plus Insurance is administered by International Medical Group.

    Patriot America Plus Insurance is underwritten by Sirius International Insurance Corporation, White Mountains Insurance Group company.

    Doctors and hospitals in the plan network can be located at the First Health Network PPO.

    Sirius International Insurance Corporation is rated A “Excellent” by the A.M. Best Company.

    Patriot America Plus Insurance offers Optional Adventure sports rider, Enhanced ADD Rider and Evacuation Plus Rider. The plan offers additional Trip Interruption coverage upto $5000.
    Patriot America Plus Insurance provides End of trip Home Country Coverage. For every five months of continuous coverage you purchase, you can purchase one additional month of home country coverage as an accommodation and supplemental travel benefit, up to a maximum of two months.
    Patriot America Plus Insurance offers Incidental Home Country coverage. During the Period of Coverage an insured person may return to their home country for incidental visits up to a cumulative two weeks total, subject to: a. The insured person must have left their home country, b. The total Period of Coverage must be for a minimum of 30 days, and c. The return to the home country may not be taken to receive treatment for an illness or injury incurred while traveling.
    Patriot America Plus Insurance offers Evacuation and Repatriation benefits.
    Non US citizen applicants of Patriot America Plus insurance can select the Optional Return Rider for coverage for a limited time in their country of citizenship. The insured person must be outside his/her country of citizenship at time of application.

    Patriot America Plus Group Insurance is available for groups of five or more travelers. Click here to get a quote.

    Please click here to get a quote and purchase Patriot America Plus Insurance.

    If the Patriot America Plus Insurance plan is purchased for a minimum of 1 month, coverage may be renewed for up to 365 days until a maximum of 24 continuous months online before the policy expires.

    Patriot America Plus Insurance brochure and application can be downloaded here.

    Patriot America Plus Insurance claims can be submitted by completing and sending the claim form along with the itemized bills.

    Patriot America Plus Insurance can be cancelled with a written notice before the start date; After effective date, cancellations will be granted with a $50 fee if no claims have been submitted. Only full month premiums will be considered for refunds.

    • Hospital Expense Coverage Limit: Up to policy maximum
    • Intensive Care Expense Coverage Limit: Up to policy maximum
    • Outpatient Doctor Office Coverage Limit: Up to Policy Maximum
    • Pre-existing condition coverage Limit: Covered upto policymax for unexpected onset of pre-existing conditon 9less than 70 years).
    • Repatriation: $50,000 for Return of Mortal Remains or $5,000 for Cremation/Burial
    • Medical Evacuation: $500,000 lifetime maximum (independent of the Maximum Limit)