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Patriot Exchange Group

Temporary Medical Insurance for J visa scholars to the United States; 877.593.5403

Patriot Exchange Group Standard Short Term plan is designed to meet US. visa travel insurance requirements for participants of a group cultural exchange program. The plan can be purchased on monthly increments & includes coverage for participants, their spouses & unmarried dependent children traveling with them. The plan provides coverage for Accident/Sickness Medical, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation and Assistance coverage in the US.

    Patriot Exchange Group plan provides medical insurance for groups of two or more involved in educational or cultural exchange and study abroad programs. The plan is underwritten by Sirius International and is rated A Excellent.

    Patriot Exchange Group plan provides Medical coverage per Injury/Sickness as well as Repatriation, Evacuation, AD&D & Terrorism coverage with monthly premiums beginning at $37. The plan also provides optional coverage for Baggage, Personal Liability & Sports.

    Patriot Exchange Group Insurance is administrated by International Medical Group Inc.

    Patriot Exchange Group Insurance is underwritten by Sirius International Insurance Corporation, a White Mountains Re company

    Doctors and hospitals in the plan network can be located at the First Health Network

    Patriot Exchange Group Insurance Underwriter (Sirius International) is rated A “Excellent” by the A.M. Best Company

    Patriot Exchange Group Standard Short Term Plan (Basic Short Term plan providing $10K maximum coverage does not fulfill the J1 visa insurance requirements) provides choice of per Injury/Sickness Medical Maximums of $50k,$250K, $500K with a lifetime maximum of $500K with a deductible of $100 per injury and sickness. The monthly premiums begin at $37.

    Patriot Exchange Group Standard Short Term plan covers the cost of emergency dental treatment and dental procedures necessary to restore sound natural teeth lost or damaged in an accident. The plan will also pay for the necessary treatment of sudden, unexpected pain to sound natural teeth.

    The plan provides coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuations to the nearest qualified medical facility; expenses for the reasonable travel and accommodations resulting from the evacuation; and the cost of returning to either the home country or the country where the evacuation occurred.

    If a covered illness/injury results in death, expenses for repatriation of bodily remains or ashes to the home country will be covered.

    The Sports Rider adds coverage for jet skiing, scuba diving, snow skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snorkeling, surfing, wake-boarding, water skiing and wind surfing.

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    Patriot Exchange Group Insurance may be renewed online before the policy expires. If the plan is purchased for a minimum of 3 months, coverage may be renewed (without break in coverage) for a total of up to 2 years.

    Patriot Exchange Group Insurance brochure and application can be downloaded here.

    Patriot Exchange Group Insurance claims can be submitted by completing and sending the claim form along with the itemized bills.

    If for any reason you are not pleased with the Patriot Exchange Group, you may submit a written request for cancellation and refund of your premium prior to the effective date of coverage

      • Hospital Expense Coverage Limit: Up to Semi private room rate.
      • Intensive Care Expense Coverage Limit: Usual, Customary and Reasonable up to policy maximum.
      • Outpatient Doctor Office Coverage Limit: Usual Customary and Reasonable up to policy maximum.