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Study USA Insurance

Foreign Student Health Insurance for those studying outside their home country. Call 877.593.5403

Study USA Healthcare Insurance is designed for foreign students attending classes at a US university; and US students engaged in official study abroad programs

    Study USA Insurance provides medical coverage for international students enrolled at US universities. Benefits also include Evacuation and Repatriation. The plan meets requirements laid out by the US Dept. of State as well as the many US universities for foreign students and study abroad programs

    Study USA Insurance is underwritten by AIG. The plan offers coverage upto $200,000 or $250,000 per injury or sickness. If treatment is first obtained at the Student Health Center the deductible is waived. It offers comprehensive coverage for medical, evacuation, repatriation, prescription drugs etc.

    Study USA Healthcare Insurance policy is administered by Travel Insurance Services

    Doctors and hospitals in the plan network can be located at the MultiPlan PPO Network Directory.

    The Study USA Healthcare plan provides coverage for foreign students studying in the US, and US registered students studying Overseas, registered with U.S. university and engaged in academic activities at a US school, college or university or educational institution abroad (outside home country)

    Coverage during initial purchase is available for periods from 1 month up to 10 months of coverage for the inbound students while the outbound student or international travelers will be limited to 364 days

    Study USA Healthcare plan meets all credentials, including: requirements set by department of state, Immigration & Naturalization Services, NAFSA, and University Study Abroad Programs.

    Study USA Preferred offers superior coverage for those universities that require it. The Study USA Preferred plan offers all the benefits of Study USA, in addition the Hospital room, ICU, Outpatient Surgery and Newborn Baby Hospital Nursery are included with no per day limits.

    Study USA-HealthCare™

    Study USA-HealthCare™ Preferred

    Expense, per incident
    Plan A:$250,000 Plan B:$300,000 Plan A:$250,000 Plan B:$300,000
    Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Limited to $500 per day Included (no per day limit)
    Newborn Baby Hospital Nursery Limited to $500 per day Included (no per day limit)
    Outpatient Surgery Facility Limited to $250 per day Included (no per day limit)
    Semi-Private Room and Board Limited to $300 per day Included (no per day limit)

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    Study USA Insurance Renewal is available for online renewals before the current coverage expires.

    Study USA Insurance Brochure and application is available for online download

    Study USA Insurance is underwritten by AIG The Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania

    Plan Name Underwriter is rated A++ by the A.M. Best Company.

    Study USA Insurance claims can be submitted by completing and sending the claim form along with the itemized bills.

    Once the plan is effective, all premiums are considered fully earned and there will be no refunds.

    • Maximum Medical Expense Coverage Limit: Plan A – upto $200,000 per injury or sickness
    • Plan B – upto $250,000 per injury or sickness
    • Study USA as well as Study USA Preferred offer repatriation benefits upto $100,000
    • The maximum for Emergency Medical Evacuation is $500,000
    • Pre-existing condition coverage Limit: Ater 6 months of continuous coverage under the plan coverage benefits are extended to pre-existing conditions