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Visitor Health Insurance Feedback-Review….

Prompt Claims Settlement

From: Sheetal C
Subject: visitors Health Insurance for Parent

Our experience with International Services, Inc., and the visitor medical insurance we bought on their website has been superb!

We purchased a visitor insurance policy for my parents’ USA visit. Few things that added to our positive experience were:

  • Prompt Client service and help in plan selection
  • Problem free claims payment

My mom fell sick and there were doctor visits, tests, and pharmacy trips amounting to about $1,000. I filled out a few claim forms and bills were settled in less than a month. The policy paid as described in the plan documents!

In short, I strongly recommend International Services, Inc.

Sheetal C, MA, USA

Visitor Travel Insurance Claims Settlement for a Heart Attack

From: Rakesh Goyal, Virgnia,USA
Subject: Insurance for visiting parent

We bought a visitor health insurance plan from your company for my mom and dad’s visit to the US. The visitor medical insurance plan helped me when my father had a heart attack during his stay in USA. While it was good for my father was treated at a high quality US hospital at the same time we were worried about big hospital bills.

I was constantly worried about the size of the hospital bills. I wondered what was not going to be covered by the plan. I also worried if the hospital was going to compromise on the treatment because my dad was insured by a visitor insurance plan as compared to a common health insurance plan?

My dad was admitted to the hospital twice during his US visit and I know the expenses exceeded $125,000. I am not certain about the precise amount since the hospital sent the bills directly to the insurance company.

I had to pay for the prescription drugs myself because the visitor insurance plan was not recognized by the pharmacies. However these prescription drugs expenses were re-reimbursed to me after I submitted the claim forms to the insurance company. It was good that the major hospital expenses were settled directly between the insurance company and the hospital. As per the plan terms the insurance policy paid-up and there are no pending claims.

My father has returned to India now, and doing well; fortunately my mother had an un-eventful trip to the US. Having endured this experience I don’t understand why some choose not to insure their parents’ trip to USA. I am not an insurance expert and I relied on International Services, Inc for providing the right insurance protection for my dad & mom.