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UAE Visitor Insurance benefits include treatment when an unexpected accident or sickness occurs.



UAE Visitor Insurance

» Cash-less settlement of claims when hospital bills insurance company directly
» Cost of hospital, Prescription medication, Surgery and Doctor Visit benefits.
» Insurance Customer Service & Claims Department in USA
» No medical exam required for visitors insurance enrollment

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Insurance – Dubai

When parents or other family members visit relatives in UAE appropriate visitors insurance coverage will be required for them. Visitors are protected from medical costs arising from the treatment of sudden unexpected sicknesses, infections and accidental injuries. Visitor medical insurance coverage will not only help you obtain necessary care and treatment for a relative but also protect the host family’s valuable assets from enormous hospital bills.

Visitors Insurance is ideal for tourists to UAE, and for parents and other loved ones visiting UAE.

Benefits for both in-patient (when one is hospitalized) and out-patient (doctor office visits, urgent care visits) visits are offered by visitor medical insurance plans. Many leading insurance companies underwrite these reputed medical insurance plans for visitors.


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