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Visitor Insurance USA

US Visitor Insurance covers the cost of treatment related to new injuries and illnesses.



Visitors Insurance USA

» Hospitals, Rx drugs, Doctor covered.
» US visitors enroll without medical exam.
» Hospitals can bill insurance company directly, claims settled without cash.
» US Location for Claims & Client servicedirectly)

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Visitor Insurance for USA

It is prudent for foreign nationals to consider Visitor Insurance in USA. Un-anticipated medical expenses from a sickness or an accident can be a financial disaster for US visitors. An afforable visitor insurance plan can protect your health and finances.

Insurance for US visitors provides benefits for hospitalization, Surgery, Intensive Care as well as prescription drugs. Having a Visitor Insurance in USA is very important and can protect visitors as well as the host families from huge medical bills.

Insurance for USA visitors are underwritten by leading insurance companies that well rated financially. There is a wide choice of plans that offer great value for your money. Besides, the claims for all plans are handled in the US and many use PPO networks offering cash-less direct billing possibilities.

Not only can the Visitors insurance for USA coverage be bought online, but you can receive all your insurance documents by email as well. Proof of purchase can also be downloaded soon after purchase online.


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