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A Streamlined Visa Process Means More Visitors to the US

The United States is always looking for ways to encourage people from abroad to visit the country and tour, sightsee, study and do business. In order to attract more overseas visitors the government has been working on streamlining the visa process to make it quicker and easier for non-US citizens to travel to the States.

The process of applying for a visa is straight forward but it is important to get it right. Check with the embassy for the process you will need to complete, depending on your purpose of visit and your country of birth. The visa process usually includes a visa interview. Wait times for visa interviews in certain countries across the world are the lowest they have ever been, meaning you can get through the process more quickly.  Once you have been granted a visa you are permitted to travel to the United States but you are not guaranteed entry (although the vast majority of travelers are permitted entry with a visa.)

The United States has always been attractive to overseas visitors. The history, diverse culture, dramatic natural scenery, food, art galleries and dynamic cities attract visitors from all over the world. People visit the country for many reasons – to see family and friends, to take a road trip across California, to see wildlife in a national park, to hike a mountain…the list is endless.

If you are thinking about a trip to America, make sure you start your preparations as soon as possible. Get your visa sorted out and your visitor insurance. While wait times for visas are being shortened, it always pays to give yourself enough time to complete the process without stress. The same goes for insurance – buy visitor insurance in advance and you won’t risk not being covered.

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