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Avoiding Delays at Security

Travel can be stressful and one of the biggest hassles travelers experience is delays. Of course, some delays are completely out of your control such as bad weather, airport workers’ strikes, mechanical failure and too many people trying to travel at the same time. But some delays can be avoided if you plan ahead and stay sensible when you travel. For example, the delays you could encounter at the TSA security checkpoint at every US airport you travel through.


There are some things you can do to ensure you pass through security quickly and easily, minimizing the delay you experience when you are trying to catch your plane. For a start, you can arrive at the airport leaving plenty of time to get through all the checkpoints needed. Make sure you plan your route well and set off early enough so that unexpected travel delays or problems don’t ruin your plans.

Once you have checked in your bags (you can check in online in order to save even more time at the airport) and you have reached security, make sure you are ready ahead of being called. Take off your shoes and your belt before you reach the conveyor belt and have your hand luggage ready to be checked.

This includes putting all your carry on liquids in a clear plastic bag before you get to security and making sure this bag is accessible. Empty all your pockets before you get into the line and either place items in your bags or keep them in your hand to put in a small bin. Getting organized beforehand helps speed up the process in two main ways – you don’t spend time before passing through security trying to find your laptop or your liquids, and struggling with your shoes or belt, and you spend less time after being screened explaining to the staff why you are carrying items you shouldn’t be, and regretting the items that are confiscated.

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