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The Benefits of Visiting Parents Insurance

You’re now living and working in the United States and sometimes your parents are able to visit you from your home country. But are your parents protected by adequate insurance when they are visiting you? You may think that because they are staying in your home then they are at low risk of experiencing theft or medical problems but have you considered the risks of parents visiting without insurance?

It is important to have good quality health insurance for parents when they visit you from overseas. The US is an expensive place to fall sick, as you will probably have experienced when you were in the process of signing up to your domestic health insurance plan. Traveling to the US without any insurance coverage leaves your parents open to the possibility of large medical bills if they are ill or injured. While it may be less likely that your parents experience any problems when they are staying with you, rather than in a hotel, accidents can and do happen anywhere and it is best to be protected just in case.

Insurance for visiting parents includes coverage for hospital stays, doctor office visits, prescriptions and medical treatment. This insurance protects your parents from the costs associated with sudden medical emergencies and accidental injuries. It means you don’t need to worry about having to foot the bill for your parents if they are ill or injured. The insurance gives you peace of mind that they will be well looked after in the event of an emergency.

Plans for visiting parents are of two types – economical fixed benefit plans as well as comprehensive plans. Fixed benefit plans have sub limits while comprehensive plans are more expensive but offer a more complete cover without sub limits. If your family is planning a trip to see you, make sure they are properly covered with a US health insurance plan for visitors.

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