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Choose Where You Sit on the Plane for a Better Flight

When you fly, do you have a specific place where you like to sit? Are you always trying to get seats at the front of the plane, or do you avoid this location like the plague? Many frequent fliers have strong views about where to sit on a plane for the best and most comfortable flight. If you’re soon going to be jetting off on a visit to family, or on vacation, consider your seat carefully! While you are booking flights and choosing seats, it is a good idea to buy visitor insurance for your destination. Visitor insurance helps you avoid any costly problems when you are abroad.

Many people prefer to sit as far to the front of the plane as possible. Why do they love the seats at the front so much? According to people who like to reserve seats at the front of the plane, there are many reasons to pick the first aisles. In particular, the bulkhead aisle (the aisle with the wall in front) is the pick of the bunch according to many people.

If you sit in the bulkhead seats you will generally be able to get off the plane first, saving a lot of waiting around. You will also probably get your meal served first, and your drinks. You also have the easiest access to the bathroom out of everybody on the plane, meaning no walking up and down the plane to check if it’s occupied. One of the most popular reasons for choosing a bulkhead seat, however, is the increased leg room in front and the lack of reclining seats pushing into your lap.

However, not everyone is a fan of the bulkhead. If you sit in the first aisle you will probably have a hard time seeing the overhead TV screen unless you are on a flight with individual monitors. You are likely to be sharing the row with babies and children, and you won’t get any under-seat storage.

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