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Visitor Insurance USA: Best Practice-1

Years of providing service to clients in the travelers insurance industry has resulted in the following recommendations – when you are in the US be like an American, be protected by a US health insurance plan. When in America buy an American product that is geared for the US healthcare system.

Foreign insurance plans are frowned up on by US hospitals and doctors. The claims service/settlement for these foreign plans is provided by a non-US company or it is simply out-sourced to an outfit that reportedly operates in the US.

Last but not least these foreign plans require the applicants and hospitals to raise all plan grievances in foreign courts. All enforcements and settlement of disputes will be in the courts overseas where the insurance company is registered and domiciled (in fact, this is disclosed on the insurance certificate issued up on purchase of the plan).

In contrast US insurance plans are scrutinized by the Department of Insurance in the US. In the event of a disagreement between the insured and the insurance there is an adequate legal re-course in a US court of law. All US insurance companies are aware of the iron hand and costs of legal issues in US courts and do not take the insured lightly. Uncle SAM is always watching!

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