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Deal with Dental Problems Abroad

Even if you prepare yourself, you could still have problems with your teeth when you are on vacation. When you travel to the United States or other countries, it is important to protect yourself with foreign insurance. If you need emergency dental treatment, visitor insurance will cover the costs. If the problem is not so serious, you can try the following:

For toothache, clean your mouth with a warm water rinse. Use some floss or a cleaner to remove any food trapped between your teeth. Take pain killers and go to the dentist if the pain persists.

For a broken or cracked tooth, you need to call a dentist. Rinse your mouth and then use a cold compress on the tooth area to make sure the swelling subsides.

If you lose your tooth, rinse it in water and if you can’t hold it back in its socket, place it in a cup of milk. Get to the dentist as quickly as possible for him or her to reattach your tooth.

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