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Debunking the Common Flu Shot Myths

Flu shots offer good level of protection against the virus leading to the disease. Yet several myths persist about the disorder. It is important you know the reality about flu shots.

Flu Shot

To safeguard against specific diseases, vaccination is a necessary defense people adopt. However, mass awareness about safety and usage of certain vaccines is far from clear. Influenza vaccines often referred as flu shots are meant for protecting from influenza. Since the influenza virus morphs fast, every year new types of vaccines are developed, two times. The flu shots can offer medium to high level of protection from the disease. There are various myths and misconceptions prevailing about the flu vaccine.

Below listed are the top myths of Flu vaccines that need to be resolved:

Myth: Taking the flu vaccine can induce flu!
This is possibly the most widespread flu vaccination myth you can hear. The flu vaccine that is administered to adult men and women is made with dead virus. So it is not possible that it will induce sickness into your body! The nasal vaccine does contain a live version of the virus, but it is made with care so that the user does not get affected.

Myth: Taking flu vaccine can harm a woman who has conceived
On the contrary, a woman who has conceived should take the flu shots. The vaccine can offer protection to her and the fetus as well. Health experts feel not taking any vaccine can prove to be risky for such a woman. If the pregnant woman gets infected with flu virus the extent of illness can be severe.

Myth: People with strong immune system can do without it
If you have a strong immune system that is fine, but that does not mean you will forever be safeguarded from the virus minus vaccination! It makes more sense to step up your defense against the virus than letting it wreak havoc with your health.

Myth: Taking flu vaccination once can protect you next year too
This is one big mistake! Unlike other infections like tetanus and measles, flu vaccination is needed multiple times in your life. This is because of the morphing nature of the flu virus. The flu strains change every year and so last year’s vaccine is ineffective this year.

Myth: Flu can be handled with antibiotics
This is a fundamentally wrong idea. Influenza is not a bacteria induced disease. A disease induced by a virus can only be treated with antiviral medication or vaccination.

Myth: Vitamin C intake can help thwart flu
It is true that Vitamin C intake helps boost your immune system to an extent. Taking enough vitamin C in various forms may help your body fend off certain germs and infections eventually. However, Vitamin C is no solution for fighting off the flu virus! You will need the vaccination for that purpose.

Myth: The flu vaccine starts working right after intake
This is far from the reality. Beyond doubt, it will help you safeguard from the flu virus. However, in most cases, the vaccination starts building defense in some time. This can be two weeks or so before the flu-fighting antibodies can develop.

Myth: The Flu Vaccine has serious side effects
Not everyone has the same condition and immunity and so they react to the administering of same medication or vaccinations in diverse ways. The same is true about flu shots and there is nothing to be alarmed about it! Some people do develop a few side effects after taking flu shots and light to moderate side effects like swelling and redness can develop. Nasal flu vaccine can cause coughs, headache and nasal congestion. But these side effects slowly subside without many hassles.

Myth: If you are not vaccinated by Thanksgiving, it is too late for a flu vaccination
Medical experts feel, the vaccination can be beneficial even if you take it late- say after Thanksgiving. Flu seasons do not remain the same every year. While seasonal flu disease is at its peak in January or February, in some years the virus may persist till May.

Taking flu shots is the right step to safeguard your immunity. However, you just cannot sit content with the vaccination! It is also necessary that you use preventive measures like using mediated soaps and hand sanitizers during the season.

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