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Are there Exclusions for Pre Existing Medical Conditions?

In the past everyone with a pre existing medical condition would find themselves unable to buy travel medical insurance that would cover them for a flare-up or problem caused by their long-term ailment. This prevented many seniors and others from being properly covered on overseas travel, resulting in a risk of high medical bills. Fortunately today there are certain high quality insurance providers that do cover you for pre existing medical conditions.

Pre existing conditions are medical conditions for which you or your traveling companion have already received treatment or are currently receiving treatment. Examples of pre existing medical conditions are AIDS and HIV, high blood pressure, stroke, chronic sickness and pregnancy. In the past these conditions would have had to be stated at the time of purchase and illness related to them would be ineligible for cover. This is called a pre existing exclusion.

With Atlas America insurance you are covered for up to $50,000 when treatment is obtained within 24 hours, for the acute onset of pre existing conditions. This policy is for people under 70 years. In addition, heart events such as heart attack or stroke are covered for up to $50,000 when the insured is diabetic, taking cholesterol-lowering drugs or drugs to control high blood pressure. Therefore, seniors and others who have a well-controlled but serious medical condition can enjoy travel with worrying about the possibility of falling ill and running up high medical bills.

With exclusions for pre existing conditions someone who is taking blood pressure reducing medication who suffers a heart attack would not be able to claim for the heart attack treatment as it was related to the pre existing condition. However, as is shown above there are plans that offer this coverage so it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully before you decide on a plan.

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