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How to Find the Best Airline Seat

Your in-flight experience can vary wildly depending on the seat you get on the plane. So if you’ve got a great deal on a flight or found yourself with an upgrade to Business or First class, make sure you don’t blow your good fortune by ending up in the wrong seat. Which is the best place on the plane? How do you decide which seat to go with if you are given the choice?


Every airline is different and uses different planes with different seating configurations, so you need to be aware of what kind of aircraft you are on before you work out which seat is best. There are informative sites on the internet that tell you which seats are positioned where on the main aircraft models flying today. However, be careful because even if you end up getting to know the configuration of one particular aircraft it doesn’t mean it will always be configured the same – different airlines sometimes use different seating plans.

There are certain seats you may want to avoid on any plane, including seats near the restrooms if you don’t want to be interrupted by noise and light every time someone gets up to use them. Similarly, it will always be noisier sitting next to the galley. However, if you are pregnant when flying you may appreciate the shorter distance to the facilities. The same goes for traveling with children – the galley seats often have the cots.

The exit row is a popular choice for travelers and it is true that you may get more legroom. However, the seats tend to be a little narrower to compensate for the stowed tray table. If there are two exit rows then the seats in the one in front often do not recline in order not to block the row behind.

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