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Has the Flu Affected Our Vacation Plans?

It’s the season for viruses to strike, with the common cold and the flu hitting millions of people across the United States right now. Winter brings with it increasing health complications and it can make getting around difficult. In previous years many people have cancelled travel plans because of a fear of the flu. But have travelers stayed at home this year rather than taking their vacations and business trips as planned?


Travel commentators note that, despite a high number of flu cases in the US, most travelers haven’t been discouraged from flying and taking their vacations. Some people choose to wear facemasks when traveling on planes, trains and buses – there are certainly a few of these about right now at the major airports – but most are not cancelling their travel plans because of fear of the flu or feeling ill.

We all remember the outbreak of swine flu and the impact this had on the travel industry but it seems seasonal flu fears are not prompting people to cancel this year. While some may be concerned with viruses onboard there is no significant increase in people choosing to stay at home rather than go abroad.

This season flu has hit people hard, with the virus causing more symptoms for longer than normal. But travel experts say to go ahead and enjoy your trip as planned – and take out travel insurance in case you fall ill when you are away. Even a simple, non-serious health condition can cost a lot of money to treat when you are not covered by your regular health insurance plan, so international health insurance is a must for overseas travel. Seniors in particular are advised to prepare well for travel in the winter season, to avoid potential problems and health issues.

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