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Healthy Feet And Legs When Travelling

Flying long distances to visit family and friends in the United States can be tough on your feet and legs. Even though you’re sitting down on your flight, your feet and legs aren’t resting. How can you make travel healthier for your lower limbs?











Sitting in the same position on the plane for long periods leaves you at risk of blood clots, as well as leaving you with stiff and swollen muscles and joints. Don’t sit with your legs crossed as this makes the situation worse. Try to keep your legs outstretched when sitting, rather than flexed at the knee.

Move your legs and feet at frequent intervals by bending and extending the lower leg from the knee. Pump your feet up and down in a circle. Walk up and down the plane, when it is safe to do so, and bend and stretch your legs.

Choose visitor insurance so you can visit a doctor on arrival if you are concerned by symptoms of swelling in your lower leg. Visitor insurance covers you for the cost of medical care in the U.S. when you are visiting your family or friends.

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