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How JI Visitor Medical Insurance Works

When you have decided which college to study at in the United States you need to think about the practicalities of your stay. If you are a student, you will normally need a J1 visa in order to study in the US. And with a J1 visa you need J1 visa medical insurance. Once you purchase J1 medical insurance you receive a card which details your coverage.

The money you pay for your visitor health insurance, called the premium, is put into a pot with all the premiums of other people who are buying insurance. This forms a pool of money that is used to pay the medical bills of the people who get sick, are injured or need medical assistance.

You are covered for medical care, prescription drugs and hospital stays as long as you have paid your premium and you don’t engage in any activity that could invalidate the coverage. You can pay to extend your coverage if you stay longer in the country.

When you buy visitor medical insurance you will also receive a booklet for documenting and reporting any medical expenses you have. If you need medical treatment you file a claim with the insurance company which will evaluate it and make the appropriate payment.

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