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Is One Travel Insurance Company Better Than Another?

When you are looking to buy visitor insurance before your trip to see friends or family in the United States you may feel confused about the differences between insurance providers. Does one company offer better visitor travel insurance than another?

It’s true that there are differences between insurance companies in terms of what they offer. Premium prices are different and levels of cover are different. One insurance company may provide coverage for trip cancellation, while another may not.

One of the most important differences to consider when buying visitor insurance is where the company is based. It is advisable to buy insurance from a US company for your stay in the United States. US doctors will accept US insurance plans, while there may be difficulties with overseas plans.

You may find yourself out of pocket at the time of treatment if you don’t go with an American company. Use a comparison tool to look at a number of policies together, to see which company is right for you.

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