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Is Travel Insurance Always Expensive?

Many people have concerns about cost when they look at travel insurance premiums. After spending a lot of money on a flight and putting money aside for hotels and excursions, there seems little left over. But trying to save money by skipping travel insurance is a false economy, and insurance doesn’t need to be expensive.

The most expensive polices are not necessarily the best. You need to check what the policy provides cover for and ask yourself if you need all of the coverage.

For example, insurance for a rental car can push the price up but is useless if you don’t drive. Similarly, if you are carrying nothing more than a suitcase of old clothes and a few books you are unlikely to need extra baggage cover.

The most important aspects of a travel insurance policy cover your health costs as well as personal liability. Depending on your needs you can pick and choose other aspects that will bring the price of the insurance down or up.

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