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Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

If you are planning a vacation, a cruise, a package tour or a flight then you may be wondering if it is worth also paying money for travel insurance. Once the cost of the vacation has been considered, many people think twice about adding more to the final total. But considering the number of emergencies, hassles and problems that could occur when you are abroad, travel insurance is definitely worth thinking about and most people need to buy insurance before they travel.


However, travel insurance is not always a good deal. You need to look carefully at what the policy offers so you don’t make a mistake. You could end up with too little coverage, or coverage that is too expensive for your needs. Because there are a wide variety of plans available you can’t just buy the first thing you see and assume it will meet your needs.

Buy insurance wisely. If you are traveling with a small amount of luggage and none of it is valuable you may decide to skip lost baggage cover. But if you have a phone, laptop, jewelry and camera you will need baggage cover. Consider how much your belongings are worth and whether you can afford to take a high deductible.

Make sure the medical cover included in the insurance is adequate for you. Skipping medical cover could be a problem if you need to be evacuated by air to suitable medical facilities, or you suffer a car accident or serious injury that requires surgery and a hospital stay. You can’t predict whether you will be involved in a serious accident so the small amount of additional money you pay on a premium for full medical cover will be worth it. Don’t buy your insurance from a travel agent, instead look online where you can choose between a number of different policies to meet your needs. You are more likely to find a good deal.

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