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Keep Your Belongings Safe at US Airports

When you arrive in the US you’ll be greeted by a busy airport, filled with noise, people and action. It can be difficult to concentrate and keep track of your luggage, particularly if you are not used to airports in the United States. Here are some tips for keeping your belongings safe. Make sure you take out visitor travel insurance before you travel, so if you do lose something you can claim on your visitor travel insurance policy.

Always keep your luggage with you. Make sure you are in contact with your luggage when you are waiting in line – tread on the strap, wrap it round your ankle, or sit on the bag. Put your carry-on bag between your legs or on your feet.

Keep valuables in a small bag that you carry on your person, with a strap around the chest or waist. Better still, keep valuables in a zipped inner pocket or in a money belt.

Check you don’t leave any luggage behind when you walk around the airport. Make sure you have everything, and check where you were sitting to make sure nothing remains. Don’t put your wallet or purse down on top of a counter or café table – keep them with you at all times.

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