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What are Sub Limits in an Insurance Plan?

Choosing between visitor health insurance plans can leave you scratching your head in puzzlement. Fortunately there is such a wide variety of plans to choose from you are more likely to end up with something that uniquely fits your needs, not a one-size-fits-all option. But this choice can cause confusion. Should you go for a fixed benefits policy or a comprehensive policy? Does the plan have sub limits?

Sub limits in visitor health insurance refer to a set of limits within a policy clause that is already limited. For example, the sub limit on a travel health plan refers to a limit on the amount you can claim per illness or medical event even when the overall policy has a higher limit on medical expenses. It is worthwhile asking if the plan has sub limits before you make your final decision as sub limits can affect your choice of plan.

For example, a Visitors Care plan has a $1400 max per day, meaning the most you can claim for an illness of injury is $1400. Under the features of this plan you can claim up to this amount for a maximum of 30 days. In contrast, under an Atlas America insurance plan sub limits rarely exist. Here you are covered up to a maximum of $50,000 for the length of your covered period.

Where sub limits exist you may find yourself paying for part of the treatment yourself if you suffer a serious medical event such as a heart attack, or you require critical care following a car accident. With a plan that has no sub limits, so long as your medical bills do not exceed the policy limit you won’t pay more even if your day stay in hospital is expensive. Different people will have different financial and medical needs to choose the plan that suits you.

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