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Main Benefits of Exchange Visitor Insurance

Are you participating in an exchange visit to the United States? Are you planning a trip with your sports team to play in a tournament, or are you starting a period of study at a US college or university? There are many educational, sports and research reasons to come visit the US and a wealth of opportunities on offer for interested people, young and older. But if you come to the United States on an exchange visit did you know that you need exchange visitor Insurance? Read on for the main benefits of visitor insurance for exchange students and other temporary educational visitors.


Anyone entering the US to study or take part in an educational or sporting exchange is required to have insurance for the time they are in the country and taking part in the exchange program. This insurance is to protect students and visitors from the high cost of medical care should they fall sick or be injured while in the States.

Exchange program participants can take advantage of specialized insurance for their needs, which cover a range of benefits to the individual. Main benefits include cover for doctor and hospital fees. If you fall and injure your leg, or fall sick with a virus, you will need to visit the doctor or a hospital. Healthcare in the US is not free and you could end up with a large bill for medical care if you are not covered by some form of insurance.

Dental fees are also covered by exchange visitor insurance so you can get your teeth treated if you need to while you are in the US. And prescription drugs are also included in the plan – useful if you need to continue your treatment after a visit to the doctor. Additional insurance benefits include emergency medical evacuation, accidental death cover and repatriation. Get a free quote online and see how you can protect your trip to America.

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