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Making International Calls Home From The US

When you’re visiting family in the United States you’ll want to catch up with other relatives back home. Email is a great tool for quick messages home but you may want to actually speak to your family to tell them about your trip. Finding out about practical matters such as visitor health insurance and international calls before you leave home make your trip away easier and less stressful. In particular, visitor health insurance is an essential pre-trip purchase.

You may want to purchase international calling cards once you are in the United States. The cost of calling home from the United States can vary dramatically depending on what method you use. In general, pre-paid cards and calling plans are much cheaper than dialing directly from your family’s home phone.

The cost of calling internationally from the US varies depending on which country you are calling and for how long. But you can usually find pre-paid cards with good rates for your home country. You may need to shop around for a bit in order to find the best deal.

The process of making a call is the same for every country; you dial 011 then the country code, city code and personal number. The number of digits will vary depending on which country you call.

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