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Medical Prescriptions and Overseas Travel

Running out of a prescription when you are traveling could make life very difficult. Make sure you don’t find out you haven’t got enough in the middle of a foreign country. Prepare for your trip and consider the following advice to ensure a healthy and stress-free vacation or business trip.

If you are being treated for a medical condition that requires you to take regular medication, bring an extra amount with you just in case. Pack this extra supply in your carry-on bag so that if your checked luggage gets lost you will still have a supply to fall back on. Remember to keep the medication in its original packaging and have a prescription addressed to you so it doesn’t look like you are carrying drugs into the country. You may need to check with the embassy of the country you are traveling to in order to make sure your medication is not deemed illegal.

If there is any doubt, take a letter with you from your doctor which describes your condition and lists the medication you are taking. If necessary, translate this letter into the language of the country you are visiting in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Make sure you purchase visitor health insurance before you travel to protect yourself from unexpected medical emergencies. Keep a record of the visitor health insurance contact numbers for use in an emergency.

If you wear contact lenses or glasses take an extra supply or an extra pair – travel can be tough on your glasses and you don’t want to break your only pair in the middle of nowhere. If you have any allergies or any medical problems that need to be communicated to medics, wear a bracelet or necklace carrying an alert that tells medics what to do in the event that you are unconscious or ill.

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