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Older Travelers Urged to Check Travel Insurance

Travel professionals and government travel departments have given advice to older travelers to check their travel insurance before they go abroad in order to make sure they have the necessary coverage. Visitor travel insurance is essential for travelers of all ages but older travelers are particularly at risk of illness and injury abroad and need to be protected with the correct coverage.

The number of older travelers going abroad on vacation rises every year and more and more seniors are enjoying overseas vacations to all corners of the globe. Many of these travelers may take part in activities or events that they wouldn’t normally take part in at home. There is a higher risk of injury on vacation when travelers are being more active, and visiting places that are new to them.

However, many senior travelers are unaware that they are not covered by their regular health insurance when they travel abroad. Regular medical insurance is not enough for illness or injury abroad – domestic plans could leave visitors at risk of high medical bills. Visitor health insurance is a good way of protecting against the cost of illness and injury abroad. Experts say senior travelers should be careful that the cover they buy is suitable for their needs.

Medical professionals also suggest senior travelers visit their doctor before travel to make sure they are safe to fly and travel. Despite the increased risk of injury and illness, older travelers are often not aware that a simple health check could mean the difference between a safe and healthy vacation and health problems abroad. Older travelers should make certain that their travel insurance is sufficient for their needs.

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