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Photo Requirements For US Visas: Part One

If you’re applying for a non-immigrant visa to visit friends or family in the United States, you need to take notice of the specific photograph requirements for the application. Don’t forget also that you should purchase adequate visitor insurance to make sure your health and welfare is protected on your visit.

The photo on your visa application is a very important aspect to get right. Check the requirements for the specific visa you are applying for. Some visas need digital photos while, for others, photos are required.

Your photo should be in color and the composition should meet the requirements set out in the US State Department’s photo composition guidelines. The photo must have been taken in the last six months so that it reflects your current appearance.

Take your photo in front of a plain white background and face the camera full-on. Hats and head coverings are not allowed, unless they are worn everyday for religious purposes but they should leave your full face visible.

Visitor insurance and some forward planning can make your vacation pass smoothly.

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