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Romantic Travel Plans

If you’re a romantic you’ve probably had one date circled on your calendar for weeks – 14th February, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day. Many of us like to splash out on our partners on this day dedicated for love – although there are the others who believe that the day was invented simply to part people from their cash. If you’re one of the romantics, how are you going to spend holiday? Do you have a special gift in mind or are you going to take a romantic trip?


Sales of chocolates, roses and soft toys are usually up in the days and weeks prior to Valentine’s Day but many people prefer to save some money and use the time for traveling, or visiting a romantic place together. It’s true that a bunch of flowers lasts a few days while the memories of a trip away last a lifetime, plus traveling together can bring you many benefits as a couple.

If you are planning on taking a trip, where are you likely to go? The world is your oyster and your trip depends on your budget, of course, but there are plenty of ideas. The most popular type of trip is a city break, with couples choosing to travel to a different capital or city to experience culture, fine dining, good nightlife or simply new shopping opportunities.

Another popular type of trip, which is often a little more expensive, is the traditional “romantic” getaway – for example, a week in an over-water villa in the Bahamas. The Caribbean is a popular destination for honeymooners and couples wanting to inject a little romance and luxury into their lives. Other good choices for a romantic break include a cozy, snowed-in trip to the mountains or a short cruise. Depending on your budget, you’re sure to find a romantic break that beats a bunch of roses any day of the year.

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