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Safe Flying While Pregnant

It is generally considered safe for a woman to fly when pregnant, so long as she is experiencing a healthy pregnancy with no complications. Most airlines will restrict travel after 36 or 38 weeks in the case of a normal pregnancy (check with your airline for their own particular restrictions), and it is not advisable to fly within seven days of your due date. If you’re pregnant, check with your healthcare provider to get the all-clear.

Many women find the best time to fly is within the second trimester, or roughly between weeks 14 to 28. You may be feeling less sick, and more lively. The risk of miscarriage and premature labor are lower. When you fly you are more at risk of deep vein thrombosis so be careful to move around the plane, stretch your legs and feet when seated, and follow the advice of crew members. Wearing special circulations stockings also cuts down the risk of DVT.

Choose your seat with care (if you get a choice). An aisle seat will give you more space and will help when you need to get up frequently to stretch and to go to the bathroom. When you wear your seat belt, fasten it under your bump; across the top of your thighs. Drink plenty of water, fruit juice and other non-alcoholic drinks. You can quickly become dehydrated in the cabin which is not good for you or baby.

Cut stress by packing in advance (take a look at these hints and tips) and choosing your flight outfit in advance – loose, comfortable clothes and shoes you can slip off. Leave yourself plenty of time to get to the airport and try to check-in online to minimize time at the airport and to choose your seat.

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