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Safety Guide to Dangerous Plants and Animals Abroad

When you are on vacation abroad you’re likely to come into contact with a lot of different things – different food, unusual drinks, different weather, and plants and animals that you are not used to. In certain parts of the world, for example Australia and Africa, there are native animals that could harm you. If you are visiting beautiful natural areas abroad, pay attention to the animals and plants you encounter and stay safe.

Animals may appear friendly but be careful. Be wary of any animal when they are in their natural habitat. Don’t approach an animal, especially if they are injured or appear upset. Animals like possums and deer may scratch or bite if disturbed. Native animals won’t necessarily be out to harm you but they can be aggressive if scared or hungry. You shouldn’t feed native animals. This can lead to them becoming dependent on humans for food and when they don’t receive food they can become aggressive. Also, human food can be harmful to some species.

Most insects are not harmful to humans but some can deliver a nasty bite or sting. If you want to avoid a sting, keep away from insects. If you are stung, treat the area with an antihistamine cream or spray. Some people are allergic to insect bites and in this case an allergic reaction can be dangerous. Go to the nearest emergency room if you are experiencing a bad allergic reaction.

Make sure you have all the relevant vaccinations and immunizations before you travel. Certain destinations call for specific shots so make sure you are up-to-date. In all cases, take out visitor insurance before you travel. If you need medical attention you will need to pay for it, and a visitor insurance package will help cover these unexpected costs.

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