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Safety in Hotels While Traveling

Whether you are traveling to the United States or to Africa, South America or Europe, chances are you’ll stay in a hotel. Hotels are usually safe places to stay and you are much more likely to enjoy a non-eventful and safe vacation in a hotel than you are to encounter problems. But problems can and do occur – it is better to be safe than sorry and consider the following advice for a safe stay in a hotel abroad.

If you can, stay on a floor between the third and fifth floors of the hotel. It is best not to stay on the ground floor as you are more at risk of break-ins or other criminal activity on the street, but any higher than the fifth floor and you will find it harder to escape in the case of fire. If staying in a hotel in the United States you can be sure that the ladders on the fire trucks will be able to reach you up to the fifth floor.

Be careful how you interact with strangers in the hotel. Don’t discuss your travel plans or itinerary with people you don’t know, and never let strangers into your hotel room. Use the peephole to check who is outside the door if you order room service. Take care with your valuable in the hotel room. Don’t leave them exposed or in an unlocked bag – use the hotel safe or your room safe. Make sure your international travel insurance or visitor insurance covers you for the theft or loss of belongings.

Know the escape routes from the hotel in case of fire, and pay attention to your personal security by always using the door chain while you are in the room. Check that the fire alarms are working and alert the hotel staff if you think the room is unsafe.

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