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Safety When Traveling: Carrying Cash

Times have definitely changed when it comes to travel. The way we approach safety and security when we travel today is much different to the way we did it 10 or 20 years ago. One of the biggest changes to travel security affects the way we carry cash. What is the best way today to pay for things abroad? Should you take cash, or credit card? How can you be safe and still be able to pay for dinner, souvenirs and hotel rooms? Whatever you carry – cash or credit cards – make sure you have visitor insurance for coming to the US. Unfortunately petty theft and robbery occurs in America and you, as a visitor, are at risk of losing your money. International visitor insurance helps refund any losses.

In the past, we traveled with cash because there was no other convenient way to pay for things overseas. We ordered foreign currency before our trip, then carried it around with us as we vacationed. We would take out enough with us each day and leave the rest in the hotel safe. Most transactions abroad took place using cash, although a credit card was sometimes used for emergencies or when we overspent.

But today, with ATMs on every corner in even the most far-flung places, cash is increasingly sidelined. When we travel we often handle our money like we do at home – we withdraw it when we need it from an ATM and we put certain purchases on credit card.

Carrying credit cards and debit cards is much safer than carrying large amounts of cash. If you are robbed, you need only stop your cards to prevent losing your money. If robbers get your cash, you’re in trouble. Of course, it is best to be alert and prepared no matter what you are carrying in your wallet.

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