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Tips for Conference Travel

Are you always on the road for your job? Do you need to travel abroad frequently to attend overseas conferences or work events? Make your life easier with some tips for comfortable conference and business travel.

Make sure you’re properly insured before you go, or that your employer has taken care of the insurance details. It helps if you have an emergency number to contact should you get into difficulties abroad when your office isn’t open. Choose your hotel room if you can, and make sure there are a couple of things provided. One is two beds. This may seem like a waste when there is only one of you, but the extra bed gives you a whole lot more space to lay out your work, your clothes, or the stuff you pick up from the conference. Also check that your room has a fridge. You can buy sodas and snacks from outside the hotel and keep them cool in the fridge. This saves you a fortune on room service.

It may seem cheaper to book a room at a nearby hotel rather than pay the rates offered by the conference host hotel but you may end up regretting your decision. It is so much more convenient to be able to access your room in the middle of the conference and take only a few minutes to fetch something you forgot, and you don’t need to get up earlier to travel to the conference.

Make sure you eat and drink enough when you are at the conference. It can be easy to get carried away with doing everything on offer and forget to eat then fill up on wine and beer at the evening reception. Stay well fed and hydrated or risk making a drunken mistake in front of potential clients or work colleagues.

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