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Top 10 Adventure Destinations in the world

Travellers today are more interested in going on holidays that are adventurous and exciting. If you haven’t made your travel plans and are looking for something adventurous, here are a few incredible places:

1.New Zealand – The rugged beauty of New Zealand will leave travellers awestruck and Queenstown in particular, is an adventure traveller’s paradise. Pick any extreme sport and you will find it here, be it bungee jumping, heli skiing or careening in high-speed jet boats. Milford Sound is another beautiful place in New Zealand with ancient rainforests, tumbling waterfalls, sparkling lakes and imposing snow-capped mountains. Travellers can experience the scenery, exploring the place by kayak, on foot or by air.


2. Africa – Africa offers the best experience for adventure travelers. There are enormous national parks where lions, elephants and gorillas roam free. Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia and Kruger National Park in South Africa are the best places for viewing wildlife safaris with mild climates and offering comfortable accommodation. In South Africa, sand boarding is an activity that attracts professionals and amateurs from around the world. Atlantis Dunes are very popular for their perfect sand boarding conditions besides offering a fantastic view of the city.

3. India – Being a geographically diverse country, India attracts adventure tourists from all over the world. If you are looking forward to diving and snorkeling, then Goa is the place to go to wish plenty of options for aquatic fun. If you prefer trekking, then head to the northern region to experience the high Himalayas, quaint little villages and Buddhist culture. A trip to the famous Valley of Flowers is a must, with almost 300 species of bright colorful flowers in one location.

4.The United States – The U.S. is teeming with options as far as adventure tourism goes. If you enjoy mountain climbing, then you will love going to Colorado with almost 53 peaks over 14,000 feet. For mountain biking, Utah has some of the best trails in the world. Sky diving in Florida is a big draw for adventure travellers today. The drop zone is located on the east coast of Florida, offering a free fall over the Atlantic Ocean, making it one of the most scenic sky diving spots n the world.

5.Costa Rica – The rain forests of Costa Rica is known for its spell binding beauty as it is for its adventure activities. You can indulge in some zip lining over the rain forest canopy near the Arenal volcano or kayaking in the Tortuguero National park.

6.Sri Lanka – With its palm-studded beaches, rolling plantations and a host of adventure options, Sri Lanka is coming into its own as a popular adventure destination. For trekkers and hikers, the highlands with sacred mountains, lush rainforests and tea gardens provide an unforgettable walking experience. Then there is rock climbing for amateurs as well as experienced climbers on the mountain ranges. Hot air ballooning is a huge favorite with sunrise rides capturing the magical experience of dawn around the Sigiriya Rock. Whale watching is a big draw and Sri Lanka is a vantage point to observe blue whales, pilot whales, pin whales and a huge variety of dolphins.

7. South America – Argentina is a huge country of mountain ranges, rain forests, lagoons and glaciers. The country offers plenty of options to adventure tourists while exploring a diverse and unique landscape. Backpackers and climbers will love the Patagonia region that offers great options for white water rafting too. The Iguazu Falls region is famous for its rainforests while the Tierra de Fuego in the south, provides a taste of the Antarctic.

8.Croatia – Croatia in Eastern Europe is an undiscovered adventure travel destination. With its pristine nature and pleasant climate, the region offers plenty of outdoor activities like sea kayaking, canoeing, river rafting, sailing, hiking and more. Travelers who love the water will love sea kayaking and sailing on the magnificent Adriatic Sea while those fond of diving will love to dive the various ship wrecks that are off the coast. Trekkers and backpackers will enjoy the scenic mountain trails with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. One should not miss the hike to the Ucka Mountain through dense forests that opens up to a breathtaking view of Kvarner Bay.

9. Australia – Australia’s sprawling outback is untouched by human expansion. With a winning combination of beautiful flowers, exotic birds and plentiful wildlife, it draws thousands of tourists every year. Since the outback is mostly uninhabited, it has an aura of adventure that attracts tourists from all over the world. Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia has to be one of the best adventurous activities ever. With an amazing diversity of marine life such as reef sharks, green turtles and huge barracudas, it is on top of the list for many scuba enthusiasts.

10. Iceland – As far as adventure destinations go, Iceland occupies one of the top spots. It is famous for its geysers, glaciers and an amazing coastline. Iceland is one big volcanic island with over 800 natural hot springs spread across its pristine landscape. Iceland has a diverse geography from glacial lakes to grassy slopes to stunning volcanic mountains. The countryside is a hiker’s paradise with long stretches of fields, countless waterfalls and vast plains. Adventure enthusiasts can go for caving in ancient lava tubes, walking on glaciers and viewing the northern lights.

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