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Are You Totally Travel-Ready?

You have your tickets booked, your new sunglasses and swimsuit bought, your guidebook in your bag and your transfer to the airport arranged – but are you completely travel-ready? Many people forget one important item for travel; an essential item when you are planning to take an overseas trip. Do you have your international travel insurance?















You don’t want anything to happen that could spoil the vacation you’ve looked forward to and planned. But no matter how well you plan you can’t avoid everything unexpected. For example, you can’t stop your bags being lost in transit, and you can’t always avoid that accident that damages your toe when you slip on the hotel floor. Because you can’t prevent all incidences of theft, injury or loss you need international travel insurance.

International health or travel insurance is the clearest way to protect yourself from the unexpected and make yourself truly travel-ready. Today’s insurance policies are suitable for all types of travel from year-long backpacking trips to week-long skiing vacations. You can insure yourself against theft, injury, sickness, and trip cancellation.

Other travel insurance policies give coverage for needs such as emergency medical evacuation and repatriation. Emergency medical evacuation insurance must be considered if you are traveling anywhere far from good quality medical facilities. Also make sure you are properly covered for any sports and activities such as scuba diving and high-altitude hiking. It is now easier than ever to secure a good quality travel insurance policy. You simply go online to look at the range of suitable policies, choosing the one that suits you best based on price and coverage. Have you prepared everything for your trip? Insurance protection for your trip makes you totally ready for travel.

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