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Travel Advice: Tipping in the USA

Every country has different etiquette and social rules for things like greetings, business and tipping. In the United States it is not obligatory to tip anyone, but tipping is certainly expected in many circumstances. Take a look at the following advice to find out when to tip and how much. Not tipping in certain circumstances can be seen as rude or unpleasant.

Tip the waiters in sit-down restaurants where you are served at the table. In general, 25 percent of the entire bill means the service was outstanding, 20 percent means it was great, 15 percent could signify an OK experience and 10 percent could give the impression that you were unhappy with the meal. This is higher than in many countries, where 10 percent is seen as generous. Service is generally not included in the bill so you need to add it on at the end. The same tipping rate applies to bartenders, hairdressers and barbers, food delivery people and taxi drivers.

Tip a dollar or two for the service given by doormen, parking valets, and porters in a hotel. Generally you should tip higher per night for housekeeper service – up to $5 is normal and more should be given in high-end hotels or when more than three people are staying in the room. Leave the tip out daily rather than wait until the end of your stay as your room may be cleaned by different people each day. Concierge services would be tipped at a higher rate but only if the concierge actually helped you out.

Bear in mind that tips are for service and if the person doesn’t help you, is rude or unpleasant, then you shouldn’t tip. But it is important in the United States to consider that many people work for tips to supplement a low wage and rely on the goodwill of the people they look after. If you got good service, reflect that in your tip.

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