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Travel Insurance for India Visitors

Visitor insurance commonly refers to international health and travel insurance for visitors coming to the USA from overseas. Visitors from India can find cost-effective travel insurance plans for visiting family and friends or taking a vacation in the United States. What is the purpose of these travel insurance plans, and what do they cover? Can you travel from India to the US without international visitor insurance?


The answer to the last question is yes. You can travel abroad without any travel insurance, but it wouldn’t be a very good idea. International health insurance for India visitors is designed to protect Indian travelers from sky-high medical bills. Because the US has no system of free healthcare, if you are injured or fall ill in the States then you need to pay for your medical treatment and consultations. Costs for even the simplest ailment quickly mount up and serious illness is expensive to treat. US citizens take out domestic health insurance plans but visitors are not usually eligible for this coverage. Travel insurance steps in to fill the gap.

Choose travel insurance for India visitors from a variety of different plans offering different levels of coverage for different premiums (the price you pay for your insurance). Travelers select the plan that best suits their needs, based on the coverage and the cost. With a choice of plans travelers can find an economical or more comprehensive option depending on their preference.

Plans for India visitors are underwritten by US insurers and cover travel outside of India. You can purchase a travel insurance plan for travel from anywhere between five days and three years, either prior to travel or after the trip has started. With most plans you can see certain doctors or visit listed hospitals without having to pay out any cash for your treatment.

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