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Travel Insurance: Important Inclusions

Are you traveling to the United States this year to visit friends and family, or for a vacation? Or are you visiting another part of the world like South America or Asia? Wherever you go when you travel, and for whatever reason, your insurance needs remain the same. You need to be well protected with visitors health insurance coverage. This foreigners health insurance coverage should protect you if you fall ill while away from your home country, or are injured in an accident abroad. Health and accident cover are not the only things that a well-rounded insurance package should include, however.

Make sure you have trip cancellation cover. If you cannot take your trip for a reason covered by the policy (for example, you are seriously ill before your flight and cannot travel, or you injure yourself in the week before your trip) the trip cancellation cover refunds the cost of your trip or the non-refundable extras. You can often specify how much you want to cover. Travel delay is an add-on to trip cancellation and it can cover strikes, terrorism and natural disasters that last longer than a day.

Personal liability is another heavyweight inclusion. If someone decides to sue you for damages because you left your luggage in their way, for example, you need coverage. How will you pay for legal fees if you are sued when you are abroad? Personal liability coverage should be up to and around US$2 million.

Look out for other issues that could cause you problems if you are uninsured. For example, if you plan to rent a car you need to be covered for damage and liability. If you are diving or taking part in other adventure sports your policy should cover you for injury sustained when you are taking part in these activities. Always read the detail of the policy and make sure you are fully covered.

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