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Visiting Parents Insurance: Make Sure Your Family is Covered

Are your parents coming to visit you from their home overseas? If you and your family have moved to the United States and now live and work here, you will probably miss your parents if they still live in your home country. A visit from your family is a great occasion to celebrate. But make sure their visit is stress-free with visiting parents insurance. Talk to your family about visiting parents insurance and make sure they are covered.

Your parents may think that because they are staying in your home they will be safe and in no need of travel insurance. But just because they’re not staying in a hotel doesn’t mean their trip is risk free. Trips and falls, illness, auto accidents and minor cuts and bruises are all common in the US.

Your parents may also be at risk of theft if you visit any major tourist attractions or big cities. Your home town may be largely crime free but the same can’t be said for everywhere in the US.

Have a talk with your parents before they visit to make sure they are covered with comprehensive insurance. If not, suggest you purchase it for them and protect them for the whole of their stay.

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