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Visitor Insurance Requirements for the J1 Visa

What is a J1 visa and why do you need insurance if you are traveling abroad on a J1 visa? Read on for the answers to your questions concerning J1 visa travel and insurance protection. A J1 visa is provided for exchange visitors who are on an exchange program to the United States that is approved by the State Department. Many different kinds of people travel on J1 visas, including college students, high school students, research scholars, medical interns, business trainees and flight aviation trainees.


When you travel on a J1 visa you are required by the department of state to meet certain insurance requirements. This is to protect you, and the state, from the high cost of medical treatment, if you fall ill or get injured while you are in the United States. There are certain requirements you must meet in order to fulfill the terms of the insurance.

For example, a J1 visa insurance policy must provide at least $50,000 of medical benefits for each accident or illness. There must be at least $7,500 worth of repatriation benefits included in the plan should the insured die in America and need to be returned to their home.

The deductible on the insurance policy should not exceed $500 for each illness or accident incident. This means that the amount the insured needs to pay before the insurance pays must be less than $500. Some policies come with high deductibles to lower the cost of the plan and would not be deemed eligible. In addition, the co-payment for medical expenses – the amount not covered by the insurance plan – must not be more than 25 percent. The policy must include $10,000 for medical evacuation. The insurer providing the cover must be backed by the relevant authorities and meet minimum rating requirements in the US.

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