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Visitor Insurance: USA Hospital Costs

Many people ask, do I really need visitor health insurance when I visit the United States? In answer to this question, take a look at the typical costs of hospital healthcare in America. Without adequate health insurance, a minor accident could set you back $200 plus, while a medical emergency will leave you in serious financial trouble.

Slipped in the hotel bathroom and injured your foot? An x-ray will cost you $273. Something more serious? In an emergency, expect to pay from $236 to nearly $2,000 for ER attention, depending on the severity of your case. And that doesn’t include the cost of drugs, supplies and equipment. If you are admitted for treatment, the cost of a bed and food can be around $1,500 a day – up to $4,479 for coronary care.

When you add in all the associated charges for blood tests and lab screens, you’re looking at a huge bill. The references made in this post is based on information provided by The Cleveland Clinic (one of the most respected for good value healthcare in the US) website.

Visitors health insurance provides cover for hospital expenses and emergency medical services, as well as doctor office visits, prescription drugs and dental services. Look at the costs and think, without health insurance could I pay for a medical emergency myself?

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